One of central Florida’s most active musicians. Chris Ryals has played 3-5 shows a week for over 15 years. Playing in both the original and cover circuit. An extensive knowledge in music theory. Chris has written 100’s of songs in all styles. While playing in many successful bands, he has also helped set the standard for solo artists. Influencing many musicians to buy a loop pedal. With the ability to loop multiple instruments and create authentic improvisational jams, seeing Chris live is an experience. Even when playing popular songs, they are done in a “one of a kind” original style. Chris has extensive knowledge in many genres so he can acclimate himself to any venue. Along with the successful music career, Chris is also Owner/Operator of MixHouse Productions, which offers studio recording and live sound, lighting, video and audio production. Sharing the stage and doing sound for many national acts, Chris has also established himself as one of the most popular music instructors in Ocala. Teaching at Guitar Center now for over 4 years, he has taught 100’s of students.